Welcome to Health and Innovation Africa! We are a Switzerland-based organization, ardently committed to bolstering health and innovation in the southern regions of Africa, with a current keen emphasis on Zimbabwe. Our foundation is a beacon of neutrality, steering clear of political and religious affiliations, and operating as a non-profit entity rooted in voluntary service.


The purpose of the association is to contribute to Southern Africa  on the following activities:

(a) Supporting research and development projects in the field of health innovation.
(b) Supporting the development of scientific and research-related and biomedical infrastructures and capacities.
(c) Promoting public health, access to medicines and comprehensive medical diagnostics.
(d) Promote and support the education of women and young people.

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Support Us: Make a Difference 

Our journey is fueled by the spirit of generosity and shared visions. Contributions manifest in various forms including membership fees, proceeds from our enriching events, subsidies, performance agreements, donations, and a myriad of benevolences. Every contribution, big or small, paints strokes of hope, innovation, and transformation in the communities we serve.

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